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Ceará has exported to 129 countries in the first 4 months of 2018, mainly to the United States (US$ 154,3 million), Turkey (US$ 64,4 million), Mexico (US$ 51,5 million), Germany (US$ 48 million) and Argentina (US$ 38,2 million). In this period, in Brazil, Ceará was the 2nd largest exporter of steel, 2nd of footwear, 1st of bras and busties, 1st of hammocks, 5th of pasta, 7th of garment, 8th of leather. 

In the first quarter of 2018 Italy was main destination for ornamental stones from Ceará with US$ 3,1 million, representing more than 70% of the total (US$ 7,2 million). Ornamnetal stones imported by Ceará totaled US$ 130,100, mainly from Greece and Spain. 

Ceará exported 49,9 million pairs of footwear in 2017 (US$ 289 million) and 47 million pairs in 2016 (US$ 269 million), ranking as the largest exporter in Brazil. Sobral represented 54.8% (US$ 150 million / 15,700 jobs), Uruburetama 19,5% (US$ 61,1 million / 1,5 thousand jobs), Itapipoca 5.6% (US$ 17,4 million / 1,8 thousand jobs), Camocim 4,37% (US$ 13,6 million / 700 jobs). 

Ceará leads export ranking in the hammock sector. In January 2018 foreign sales increased almost 2,000 percentage points compared to January 2017, reaching US$ 326,4 thousand. Germany, France and Denmark together account for more than 82% of hammocks imported from Ceará. 

In the first quarter of 2018, Ceará exported US$ 8,7 million in textile products. 

Ceará was the 8th largest exporter in the leather industry in Brazil between January and March 2018 with US$ 18.6 million, and imported US$ 3,9 million. Mexico and Hong Kong showed increases of 149.6% and 736,4% in purchases of leather from Ceará. The United States continues to be the main partner in leather exports (US$ 5,4 million) and imports (US$ 1,9 million). 

The beverage industry of Ceará ranked as the 3rd largest exporter in Brazil, reaching US$ 17,3 million in the first quarter of 2018. The most exported beverages were coconut water (US$ 10,3 million), acerola juice (US$ 2,84 million), juices from other unfermented fruits (US$ 2,8 million) and other alcoholic beverages (US$ 994.46 thousand). The main destinations were the United States (US$ 11,3 million), the Netherlands (US$ 2,012 million), Argentina (US$ 994,46 thousand), France (US$ 730,1 thousand) and Switzerland US$ 675,89 thousand).        


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